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This page was added automatically when I migrated over to the NEW WIX BLOG. It added blog specific aspects to the Members Pages section. This created some oddities, hopefully wix will attempt to fix them. The oddities are to garish for us to have on our site at this time so I have hidden this feature.

Current setup is using the Old application from wix called the "Member Login App" in order to bypass the below nonsense. 

Now Wix is using the "Members Area", which is auto added with certain Apps like the "New Blog", and "Bookings"

1) Cannot combine Notifications box with Settings box. They are on separate pages now, cannot delete or move member pages. Hilarious, because the only thing the settings do is for the notifications.

2) Cannot edit the fields in the forms: It's silly to have people following each other on this site and I can't take out the follow other members elements. I also can't edit out the follow members post buttons which is also silly because JohnCBanta is the only one posting blogs.

3) Cannot reorder the Member Menu

4) Cannot Delete Default member pages - this sucks because we don't have an online store and don't need to display the "My Wallet" page among others. I CAN hide them though and that would be good enough if the rest worked.

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