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Clothes Washers/Dryers & Mold

I have just posted the chapter on Clothes Washers and Dryers for everyone that has made a contribution. Front load clothes washers are notorious for growing mold around their door gasket. But the vented clothes dryer can affect mold related indoor air quality more than any other appliance.

  1. The exhaust vent is supposed to direct moisture laden air to the outdoors. Unfortunately they are often hooked up in ways that fail and cause mold to grow.

  2. Dryers located in moldy environments can also increase the amount of contamination being pulled from hidden locations by creating a depressurization of the area.

  3. The contaminants can then be sucked into the clothes dryer where they are redeposited on the laundered items.

In addition to discussing how to clean and operate vented clothes dryers to minimize these issues, I will also be discussing Unvented clothes dryers (also known as condensation clothes dryers) which are very popular in Europe and are beginning to be introduced into the United States.

This new chapter section is now up and available for contributors along with the already posted chapters or updates:

Mattress Research Updates

Effective Cleaning Procedures

Effective Cleaning Products

Microfiber Cloths


Can Light Retrofits

Here are the instructions for people that have already contributed $25 or more to receive the Perk of being able to read draft Mold Controlled Chapters as they are completed and posted.:

Go to my Author Website at

Click the "Contributor Login" on the right side of the menu.

Select "Don't have an account? Sign up"

Enter your email address.

Enter the password that you have selected.

Re-enter the password and select "Go"

Once your request has been approved (Usually less than 24 hours), you will receive an email notice. You will then be able to login to the Contributor section and have access to chapters and other information as they are posted.

A number of you that have contributed have not yet signed in to set up a password. There is no need to wait for the book to be completed in 2019 - As my thanks for your contribution - you can get the posted information  now!

Thank you for your contributions.

John C Banta



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