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Decorative Bark vs. Mulch

This last month I have been able to have a few additional samples of garden materials analyzed for Stachybotrys. So far none of the decorative barks tested using MSQPCR (DNA analysis) have been contaminated with Stachybotrys. At this time only some of the composted mulches have had high levels of Stachybotrys

The crowdfunding research funds raised in 2017 have helped learn some basic information multiple mold related topics:

  • The first mold contaminated mattress was tested to determine if elevated levels of mold spores and fungal fragments could be removed.

  • A variety of new mattress barrier cloths were tested to determine if they were effective at blocking mold.

  • Preliminary studies of DNA inhibition by common materials in our home environments has begun.

  • Outdoor sources of Stachybotrys have been identified which may be migrating indoors and contaminating the indoor environment. 

The crowdfunded contributions from 2017 came to $4207.00 have helped increase our understanding of mold in our homes tremendously, but the work is far from finished and the remaining funds are almost gone. The 2018 crowdfunding campaign will begin in a few weeks.

Thank you for your continued support.

John C. Banta, CIH


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