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Research Update 3

Here is an update showing that vacuuming does bring particles upward toward the surface of the mattress. This image was taken four weeks after the GloGerm™ powder was applied. When the image in this update is compared to the UV image shown in Research Update 2, dated June 24, 2017 it is clear that the daily vacuuming is causing the florescent ceramic powder to travel upward toward the surface of the mattress.

The mattress was then opened and the area of foam where the GloGerm™ was applied with sliced with a razor knife.

Here is an image under UV of that cut edge:

The image shows that the florescent powder is traveling upward, but not downward. I suspect this may be because nobody has been sleeping in the mattress. The glowing powder is being brought upward by the vacuuming action. 

In my next update - I will be posting about what the sample results for the mold contamination in the mattress show. 

Thank you for your help funding this research!

John C. Banta


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