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Research Update

A short while ago I emailed you asking for your contribution to help fund research into mold contaminated mattresses. We quickly raised $3,332.00, enough funds to begin our Phase I and Phase II projects.  Special Thanks to the people that have already contributed.

The research began on April 12, 2017, samples were collected from a mold contaminated mattress. A summary of preliminary results has been sent confidentially to current contributors. The confidentiality is because:

  • I want to provide contributors special consideration by providing them information first.

  • Many research publications don't allow prior publication. I don’t want to jeopardize our ability to formally publish these results.

  • The results provide some interesting and surprising preliminary answers, but also raise additional questions.

Ten different materials were tested by inserting the material in a large embroidery hoop and then micro-vacuuming the mattress through the barrier cloth.

I have prepare a three-minute video explaining the process. 

What I can tell you from the initial results is some barrier cloths appeared to work well but some worked better than others. Fine dust was able to be collected from all ten materials. But, some of the dust may have come from the barrier material and not from the contaminated mattress. Our current contributors have been told about our preliminary results for best and worst performers at blocking the penetration of mold.

As with many studies, each question that is answered frequently leads to additional questions. 

  • Results from three of the ten materials tested were inhibited by something in the barrier cloth. What chemical treatment or material is present that caused the 3 of 10 tests to be invalid?

  • Was the dust collected from the barrier cloths particles released by the unwashed barriers cloth or did dust penetrate from the contaminated mattress.

  • Will washing in soap and water remove the inhibitor?

  • Will washing adversely affect the barrier materials ability to block mold?

I am estimating that an additional $2500.00 is needed to help answer these additional questions. If you haven't already contributed, your contribution will bring you into our inner circle to keep you informed. I am suggesting a contribution of $25, however; please contribute whatever you are able. 

Even if you are not able to contribute, please tell your mold sensitive friends and thank you for your consideration.

Thank you!

John C Banta


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