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Review of Products for Remediation, Cleaning & Maintenance

I am getting ready to post a new chapter about various cleaning products for use as a part of mold cleanup and routine home maintenance. This new chapter will be added to the already posted chapters or updates:

  • Mattress Research Updates

  • Effective Cleaning

  • Microfiber Cloths

  • Ozone

  • Can Light Retrofits

Here are the instructions for people that have already contributed $25 or more to receive the Perk of being able to read draft Mold Controlled Chapters as they are completed and posted.:

  1. Go to my Author Website at

  2. Click the "Contributor Login" on the right side of the menu.

  3. Select "Don't have an account? Sign up"

  4. Enter your email address.

  5. Enter the password that you have selected.

  6. Re-enter the password and select "Go"

Once your request has been approved (Usually less than 24 hours), you will receive an email notice. You will then be able to login to the Contributor section and have access to chapters and other information as they are posted.

A number of you that have contributed have not yet signed in to set up a password. There is no need to wait for the book to be completed in 2019 - As my thanks for your contribution - you can get the posted information  now!

Thank you for your contribution.

John C Banta



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