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The Research Has Started

Thanks to your support, the mattress research began yesterday!

The contaminated mattress was placed inside a containment chamber and marked with a sampling grid-work to help guide the sample collection. A total of 25 samples were collected:

  • The surface of the mattress was tested in nine places to determine if the contamination was equally distributed.

  • Nine different barrier cloths and a control sample (regular bed sheet material) were collected to evaluate their effectiveness at blocking mold spores and fungal fragments.

  • A corner of the mattress was disassembled and five samples collected at different depths to determine how deep the contamination penetrates.

Over the next eight weeks, the mattress will be cleaned on a daily basis. Sampling is scheduled for every two weeks to monitor the progress. 

I will keep you updated as the results come in. The barrier cloth preliminary study results should be in a couple of weeks.

Please tell your friends - Phase II is almost funded. Fund raising for the Phase III - mycotoxins in mattress research will start as soon as we have completed Phase II funding.

Thank you again for your support!

John Banta


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