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Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Toxic By Neil Nathan, MD is a book of hope for the millions of people suffering from chronic illness caused by exposure to mold, Lyme disease, other infectious agents, and environmental toxins.

It has been written for people that are hypersensitive to their environment and also for their loved ones, physicians and the people who make up their support network.

I am glad to announce that I am now offering Dr. Nathan's book as a perk when you make a contribution of $35 to help further my crowdfunded mold research. In appreciation, I will send you a copy of Dr. Nathan's book as a perk. Copies are scheduled to ship on the release date - October 9, 2018


To make your contribution and receive the book Toxic as your perk click this link!

The following is a list of Chapters:

Preface: The Rebooting Paradigm for Really Sensitive and Toxic Patients -- Helping Them Get Well

Chapter 1: Why Would Anyone Want to Read This Book?

Chapter 2: Sensitivity Versus Toxicity (or Both)

Part Two: Understanding the Causes of Sensitivity and Toxicity

Chapter 3: Mold Toxicity

Chapter 4: Bartonella Infection

Chapter 5: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Chapter 6: Porphyria and Carbon Monoxide

Chapter 7: Where to Start?

Part Three: Rebooting as a Model for Treatment and Healing

Chapter 8 Rebooting as a Model for Treatment: The Cell Danger Response

Chapter 9: Rebooting the Nervous System

Chapter 10: Rebooting the Immune System

Chapter 11: Rebooting the Endocrine System

Chapter 12: Rebooting the Gastrointestinal System

Chapter 13: Reversing Weight Gain

Chapter 14: Rebooting Methylation

Chapter 15: Rebooting the Body's Ability to Detoxify

Chapter 16: How Your Genetic Makeup May Affect Your Ability to Detoxify

Chapter 17: Rebooting Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)

Chapter 18: Rebooting How We Handle Stress

Chapter 19: Rebooting the Psyche: Emotional Awakening

Chapter 20: Rebooting the Spirit: The Possibility of Spiritual Awakening

Chapter 21: Is This a Cure for Everyone? Complicated Patients Versus Difficult Patients

Chapter 22: Ending on a Hopeful Note

Appendix A: Addressing Mold Problems - By John C. Banta

The chapters listed in bold have been highlighted by me because, In my opinion they provide some of the best explanations available to help family, friends and others understand how they can help loved ones heal, recover and thrive with mold toxicity, Lyme disease, multiple chemical sensitivities, and chronic illness.

  • "Even a family member or friend cannot assume that if a person looks fine, he or she is fine. In fact most of my patients, in an effort not to engage the skepticism of others, make great efforts to look as normal as they possibly can. Paradoxically, this makes it more difficult for others to take their complaints seriously. These patients are between the proverbial rock and a hard place: if they allow their suffering to show, they are labeled as "whiners," and if they don't, no one believes them." (From the Preface)

  • Sections of this book are also a must read for supporters from the community that are needed to help assist with medically necessary home environmental investigations and remediation. It can help the contractor understand why they can't use their typical aftershave or deodorant in the home and why it is important to deal with the root of home environmental problems such as mold remediation and not just cosmetically repair the problem.

  • There is plenty of technical information for physicians and health care providers that have been puzzled, but want to help. Some of the information provided by Dr. Nathan is highly technical and is aimed specifically at health care providers that want or need to understand the complicated biochemical reactions occurring within their patients. These sections can be skipped by most readers. Fortunately most of the book is not so technical and provides a road map to understanding through anecdotal stories and case histories that teach by example.

If you are really really sensitive or toxic; If you love someone that is suffering from chronic environmental illness; If you want or need to work with people with MCS or mold sensitivities to fix their home, or other places where they spend time - this book will provide an important foundation for helping the sufferer get well. At the same time by receiving Toxic as a perk for your contribution you will be helping to support the practical research I have been doing to help answer mold questions.

I consider Dr. Nathan's book an important part of the Trilogy of Books, with contributions by me, that are important for creating healthy homes for people with mold sensitivities and other chronic conditions where they are adversely affected by their home or buildings they occupy. These three books are:

Thank you for your support!

John C. Banta

To make your contribution and receive the book Toxic as your perk click this link!

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