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Tracks of all known Atlantic tropical cyclones from 1851 to 2012

Created by:jdorje/Tracks by Nilfanion

This last several weeks has seen three major hurricanes devastating Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. There are no tropical cyclones presently in the Atlantic. During this time I have been focusing on posting hurricane recovery information on my blog at . I plan on developing these blog posts into a Mold Controlled Chapter on Catastrophic flooding, water damage and mold. The 2017 hurricane season has passed its peak, but recovery efforts will continue for some time, so I am going to leave these blog posts accessible for everyone.

I am getting ready to shift my attention back to the Contaminated Mattress Research. A number of you that have contributed have not yet created a Contributor Log-in to receive your Research Updates and Progress Perk. If you need assistance please send me an email at

Thank you for your support!

John C. Banta 

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