Clean, Clean, Clean

The appropriate cleaning of your hurricane damaged possessions and home depends on a number of factors. Was the water that entered your home contaminated or clean? Did the water "flood" into your home or did it enter from the torrential rains? Did the water bring mud, silt or other organic material into your home? According to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration, Falling

Protecting Your Lungs

Whenever an event occurs that brings too much water into our homes it is important for us to consider the health effects of the air that we are breathing. Recently, Hurricane Harvey has created this sort of environment in which over 200,000 homes have been flooded. The following information is designed to help you become aware of the health issues, and to inform you about some protective equipment that is available. In 2004, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) reviewed the litera

Ten Safety Tips after a Hurricane

As of August 31, 2017 the City of Houston Office of Emergency Operations Center announced that: "People who experienced flooding but are now able to enter their homes safely can begin cleaning and sanitizing their homes." I strongly advise anyone interested in information to visit the City of Houston's Emergency Operations Center website . The website is updated and specific for the cities needs. I have quoted below information directly from the website as relates to the top

What Swimming Pools, Basements and Septic Tanks Have in Common

The idea of leaving your home flooded after the storm has passed may seem out of place in light of the damages that water causes when left in a home. After floodwaters drop below ground level people generally want to begin the cleanup of their homes as quickly as possible. This is of course to prevent additional deterioration and salvage as many things as possible. Generally, this is the correct response. There are some situations where recovery should be delayed. If you have

Hurricane Harvey Water Damage Recovery

It has now been about a week since hurricane Harvey slammed into the coast of Texas as a Category 4 Hurricane. The current estimate is that Harvey has left over 136,000 flooded structures in its wake. However, floods are only one type of water damage. It is likely that many more homes have been damaged by lesser water intrusions. These intrusions include: wind blows a tree or limb into a home while it is raining. water enters through shattered windows. roofs that are damaged