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Hurricane Harvey Water Damage Recovery

It has now been about a week since hurricane Harvey slammed into the coast of Texas as a Category 4 Hurricane. The current estimate is that Harvey has left over 136,000 flooded structures in its wake.

However, floods are only one type of water damage. It is likely that many more homes have been damaged by lesser water intrusions. These intrusions include:

  • wind blows a tree or limb into a home while it is raining.

  • water enters through shattered windows.

  • roofs that are damaged by wind results in water entering the home.

  • saturated soils and foundations allow water to enter homes by capillary action.

  • minor defects in the building envelope allow water to enter the structure.

  • chimneys and attic vents provide a pathway for wind driven rain to enter.

The water damage conditions from this disaster practically guarantees mold problems are developing. When Harvey stalled as a tropical storm, it released about fifty inches of rainfall. This matches Houston's normal annual rainfall, but it all came in the course of a few days.

Recovery efforts are beginning now that the water has receded in most areas. Even minor water damage can result in major problems from mold growth if it is not addressed properly. In cases of catastrophic flooding, such as has occurred this last week in Texas, the water damage recovery resources are strained to the limits. This strain makes it difficult to get the necessary help required to prevent additional problems from developing. Add to this the outdoor elevated humidity conditions that are normally present in many parts of Texas and minor damage can quickly turn into major problems.

Those of you that have been following my work, and contributed to the research I have been doing with regards to contaminated mattresses, know that I have been writing a new book about mold contamination and problems in buildings. The first round of Phase 1 and Phase 2 mattress research has been completed and has resulted in some interesting results and information. I was ready to begin the next Phase, but based on the events that have occurred in Texas, I have decided it is the right thing to temporarily shift my attention. Effective immediately I am going to temporarily refocus on the book chapters and information that will provide the most benefit for those that have been adversely affected by water damage from the Harvey disaster.

I plan to post information I think will provide the most benefit for those that are assisting in the hurricane Harvey recovery efforts regarding homes. If you would like to receive these blog posts by email, please click the subscribe button to be added to our list.


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